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Our History

Sustainable Development Partners, LLC (formerly Kansas City Sustainable Development Partners KCSDP), is a collaborative partnership of Kansas City based real estate development individuals. 


Formed in 2011, our focus originally was to identify and develop adaptive reuse projects for several of the vacant schools within the Kansas City Missouri Public School District.  Over time, our focus has expanded to include development opportunities involving historic structures (or institutions) within the greater Kansas City, Missouri area. 


The Kansas City Business Journal has described KCSDP as “retro-activists” working to “turn around declining Kansas City neighborhoods and business districts.”  Our members have strong connections to the Kansas City area, are “community oriented” in their approach to development, and bring together a wide variety of professional disciplines and experiences that are well suited to this endeavor.

Our Philosophy

Our guiding philosophy is the implementation of creative collaborative change through redevelopment based on three basic criteria:



  • Economically feasibility


  • Sustainability and complementariness to the surrounding area


  • Beneficial to the greater Kansas City community


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